New Rule

It appears as if Server.Transfer in ASP.NET takes QueryString values. This was not the case with ASP 3.0. Therefore, the new rule is as such: Only use Response.Redirect if the target page is not within the same webapp.

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Astaro Security Linux

In the last year and a half (or so), I have used five different Linux firewall distros or scripts to protect my home network from the evils of the net, and to provide NAT. If you don’t know, NAT is short for Network Address Translation. It is also referred to as Masquerading. This is the… Continue reading Astaro Security Linux


I found out today that in about 4 weeks, I will be the proud recipient of H4X0R3D on my license plate! So, with that, I realized that I must have a computer in the car. I have started to assemble what I beleive to be a real system, and not some cobbled together kludge that… Continue reading H4X0R3D